Queensgate in Peterborough has announced the successful completion of its inaugural Changing Spaces initiative, a community-driven project aimed at supporting local charitable organisations.

Gladstone Connect Ltd, a Peterborough-based urban regeneration charity, emerged as the first winner of this initiative and it has transformed their family area into a vibrant, welcoming space for families.

Renowned local graffiti artist Nathan Murdock was commissioned to bring this vision to life, and the redecoration project was successfully completed last week.

Featuring a colourful 10ft tree and the words ‘So remember me and I remember you’, the mural has transformed the dull space into a bright area for all to enjoy.

In February of this year, Queensgate launched the Changing Spaces initiative, inviting local charitable organizations to apply for a £500 project fee to fund community projects.

Gladstone Connect Ltd's compelling proposal stood out among the entries, as it focused on redecorating a space that had remained untouched for nearly a decade.

Their vision included painting the area to create a warm and inviting environment for families and the creation of a mural that would embody the creativity of the young individuals they serve.

Katie Chapman, marketing and commercialisation manager at Queensgate, said: "The mural looks fantastic and has made such a difference to the area, this is exactly what the Changing Spaces project is for.

"Thank you to Nathan for bringing his ideas and talent to the project that will stay in the community for a long time."

Michelle Bush-Batty, centre manager, added: "Being able to update our space for the children and families that spend time here would make us all so happy.

"Having a warm, bright, clean, and, most importantly, safe space to relax and socialise is needed, especially in the current climate.

"Creating something special like a group mural for our community space will be something to be proud of and beautifully express our diversity of communities, enabling us to welcome new users to our centre."

Queensgate offers local organisations the chance to apply for a grant of £500 each quarter of the year to transform a project. More information can be found at: www.queensgate-shopping.co.uk/changing-spaces.