The UK's biggest windsurfing event took place at Grafham Water Sailing Club last weekend with over 170 competitors.

The National Wind Sports Championships awards titles to individual competitors but is also the culmination of a junior competition, The National Windsurfing League Final, with teams of up to 15 youngsters competing to be the top club in the country.

Bob Ingram, chairman of the UK Windsurfing Association, said: "Windsurfing is truly an inclusive sport with the youngest sailor being just nine-years-old and the oldest in his 80s.

"Sail sizes vary depending on age and class rules starting at 3.5 sq metres and going up to 9.5 for the senior fleets.

Peterborough Matters:

"These boards can reach incredible speeds even in lower wind strengths. This takes great skill and more than a little bravery which was demonstrated on Sunday as winds increased throughout the day.

"This year's championships produced a real examination of sailor all-round skills.

"Saturday saw light winds which tested the tactics of the fleets as everyone hunted for the gust which might just propel them to the front of the fleet.

"Sunday was an altogether different competition, winds gusted up to 25 knots and spectacular racing was seen throughout the day with boards achieving speeds of up to 30 knots.

Peterborough Matters:

This year's event also included the very latest thing in water sports, WingFoiling.

This involves sailing on a very small board again with a foil but instead of a traditional sail the competitor uses a wing which looks a little like a modern day kite.

Best described as kite surfing without the lines, these boards fly around the course again nearly a metre above the water.

Peterborough Matters:

The winners were:

  • 3.5 winner Sidney Mitchell
  • 4.5 winner Dawson Rogers
  • 5.8 winner Jasper Malik
  • 1st Techno George Ebdon
  • 1st Raceboard Robert Kent
  • 1st iQFOiL Junior Ned Bentley-Taylor
  • 1st iQFOiL Youth William Ziegler
  • 1st iQFOiL Senior Catrin Williams
  • 1st WingFoil Rafferty Read
  • Champion Club Docklands Dugongs