A new gaming shop for Pokemon fans is to open in Huntingdonshire this weekend.

PicklestixTCG, which has 17,000 followers on TikTok, is run By Pokemon celebrities PicklesNic and PicklesMatt - aka couple Nicola and Matthew Harmel.

The pair have partnered with games company WhatNot, which specialises in Pokemon and trading cards.

Having only started their business 18 months ago, they have been working from their home in Stevenage.

However, they now have a premises, in St Neots, so people can come in and meet and them. 

Peterborough Matters: PicklestixTCG PicklestixTCG (Image: PicklestixTCG)

The game store - which will also run live streaming sessions - opens its doors in Fishers Yard on Saturday (October 28) from 10am to 4pm. 

Nicola said that Saturday's opening "is going to be a free for all for everybody to come down and have a go and have fun". 

She added that there will be teas, coffees, colouring and games on the day.

The couple are both having complete career changes: Nicola, a registered nurse, will remain on bank staff, while Matthew, who previously worked on aerospace electronic compartments, will run the shop full-time.

Peterborough Matters: TikTok-famous couple PicklestixTCG will open their new Pokemon game store at Fishers Yard in St Neots this Saturday (October 28).TikTok-famous couple PicklestixTCG will open their new Pokemon game store at Fishers Yard in St Neots this Saturday (October 28). (Image: Picklestix)

Nicola said: "I'm nervous but excited. 

"We've built up a following online and everyone has been asking 'when are you opening a shop'?"

"So we thought it would be nice to create something for kids and adults who are Pokemon fanatics."

When it came to creating their own shop, Nicola said she and Matthew have done the majority of it themselves: "We've gone heads first and done it." 

The couple have however had help from streamers who used their online platform to spread the word about the new shop.

Peterborough Matters:

"Some of them are coming down to the opening to see how it all goes," Nicola added.

"I didn't know anything about Pokemon before," said Nicola.

"I couldn't stand it as a kid, but he loved it."

She added: "I've learnt everything I know from my partner and our customers."

People can also play Yu-Gi-Oh at the store and, as the shop expands, they will host Magic The Gathering games.

Peterborough Matters:

The shop is also selling some Disney merchandise, and the plan is to stock Disney cards in the near future.

"We try and pride ourselves for lower costs compared to other places too," Nicola added.

The game store's opening hours will be 10am to 6pm Tuesday to Saturday. 

This Sunday, PicklestixTCG will be streaming live from the London MCM Comicon. 

"If people download the WhatNot app, they can watch us at the event," said Nicola. 

"Only the bigger names - like Jason Page, who did the soundtrack to Pokemon - get asked to stream there, so it's a big deal for us."