American stall is a sweet addition to Peterborough City Market


Maverick Flavours have just opened a stall at Peterborough Market (photo: Carly Beech)

Co-workers Ben Camp, 31, and Sophie Fraser, 26, have plans to revive the Peterborough City Market through their new American sweet stall.

Traders on the market grew concerned after misinformation circulated claiming that the closure of Northminster Car Park also meant the market would close too. 

Ben said: "We made an impulse decision to launch Maverick Flavours in Peterborough when we found out they had market stalls on offer and rent was cheaper.

"We're now trying to drive people to come back here with something new and different. All of the stalls here should be thriving."

Sophie added: "It's important to us that we let people know that there are loads of different stalls here that are still open and they're great, people should see them.

"Alongside our American sweets, we're also planning to add a game station in here and make it a great environment for people to come. It should be a safe space." 

Peterborough Market is open from Tuesday until Saturdays, and features fruit and veg, clothes and sweet stalls.