Business plan was crystal clear for Peterborough friends


Victoria Cairns and Samantha Grooms at The Crystal Boutique in Peterborough

The Crystal Boutique is the brainchild of Victoria Cairns and Samantha Grooms, who started the business in the wake of the pandemic – after their hairdressing work became affected during lockdown.

As well as identifying a gap in the market for their Oundle Road business, Victoria has drawn from her own challenging personal experience of lockdown. She was diagnosed with cancer in January 2021 and underwentgruelling treatment to remove a tumour, but is thankfully now on the long road to recovery.

She said: “On being diagnosed with cancer... it made us re-evaluate life and our business as we knew it.

"After a very exciting, meaningful conversation once in recovery, we decided we would love to create a specialist crystal or spiritual boutique together. My motivation for the crystal boutique has come from this point of where I am in my life.

“We both have a background of crystals and been on individual spiritual journeys. I also practise reiki and run guided meditation sessions.

“I’ve heavily relied upon crystals, along with the spiritual therapies I practise, to continue my recovery. We saw a gap in the market as there are no specialist crystal/spiritual shops in Peterborough, and a lack in general of independent boutique-style shops. We wanted to create a place where customers can purchase a meaningful gift or to or start a personal crystal collection.”

Samantha said: “Lockdown definitely affected us in the salon, but it allowed us to reevaluate our business and gave us the time to look at where we needed to make changes - something we hadn’t had a lot of when working and running a business."

The boutique specialises in crystals and spiritual products, which are hand-picked by Victoria and Samantha from their suppliers, and their extensive gift range includes hand-made crystal jewellery, crystal candles, cards, water bottles, essential oils and sleep sprays.

Victoria said: “Our target audience is everyone, we all need crystals in our life. We are on hand to help and assist anyone that would like our guidance in choosing their crystals - although we believe the crystals choose you.

“With lockdown and everyone emerging to find their new normal, crystals are being welcomed into mainstream more now than ever. We felt it was the right time for us to bring The Crystal Boutique to Peterborough.

“So many of us use or are intrigued by the healing properties of crystals, and I think when we’re ill or going through a stressful time we will look for anything that will give us comfort and support and the crystals do that.

“We have teenagers coming in who are so clued up on the crystals and the properties and the cleansing and manifestation rituals it’s amazing and we’re learning all the time.”

Samantha said: “We’re really proud and totally in love with our crystal selection at the boutique, and so pleased that we can offer Peterborough people somewhere to go to look, to touch and to hold to completely experience the crystals and to be guided what crystals are best for them.”