Busy-bodies line up outside B&Q while Aldi stocks up on lawnmowers


Peterborough residents are stocking up on essentials, including paint (photos: Mason Brock & David McFarlane)

During this period of self-isolation, people are learning all sorts of new things, from self-help to up-holstering old furniture. 

Others, however, have decided to re-decorate their homes and take up gardening in order to use the horrific pandemic in the most positive way they can think of. 

B&Q, Maskew Avenue, had a queue outside the door at 9am today, March 23, while Aldi in Hampton have apparently been stocking up on lawnmowers. 

Whether you're doing a quick paint job or spending the time to renovate the bathroom, residents have the right idea by keeping themselves busy – but remember, stay indoors! 

What are you spending your time doing in this period? Email us at carly.beech@peterboroughmatters.co.uk to let us know.