Dance lessons offered to children of key workers still at school


CDC: Chloe's Dance Company is encouraging schools to make the most of her services (photo: Goldhay Arts)

With schools closing and less activities for students to do, Chloe Wilmot, 24, has offered her services to schools which are staying open. 

Sharing a post on Facebook to encourage people to get involved, she said: "With the pressure mounting on schools and teachers, after the most recent announcement we would like to offer some help. 

"Due to a large majority of our classes being with the elderly or people with underlying health conditions, as of Monday we have a lot of free time. 

"If you work in a school which is staying open to cater for the children of key workers, we are offering dance sessions to help with the strain."

She added:"Dance is a wonderful way of keeping the mind and body engaged, while letting off some steam too. 

"It can also help by creating a positive way of channeling any energy these young people may have, and giving them the opportunity to release it correctly." 

For more information on pricing and how to get involved, email Chloe on