Degree awarding powers question raised for University of Peterborough


Approach to Peterborough University. Photo: CPCA

The matter was raised at the online meeting of the Full Council (Wednesday) and follows the announcement that there is to be a partnership with Anglia Ruskin University.

Addressing his fellow members, Cllr Ansar Ali said: “When will we have an Independent University of Peterborough with degree awarding powers that is not be affiliated to another University?”.

Leader of the council, Cllr John Holdich replied: “We’ve spent a long time developing a first-class University for the city which will be a £100m project.

“The advice we received was that developing a traditional university did not meet the needs of the city or its businesses in the future.

“So, it became obvious that we needed to have a partner, and the project was put out to tender.

“Ten applications were received and ARU came in as the best bid for us now and in the future.

“Providing everything goes according to plan it should become the ‘University of Peterborough’ with awarding powers in 2028.

“I am sure that like me, you would like to acknowledge the huge input the Combined Authority and Mayor Palmer has played in the success of this project”.

However, Cllr Ali responded: “I want our graduates when they’re awarded their degrees that it should say awarded by the ‘University of Peterborough’.

“It is very important that we put our city on the map and I have no criticism of ARU in any way, but I think as a city of 200,000 plus population we need to be standing on our own two feet

“That is what we have been promising our residents for a long time now, but I appreciate the challenges that we have”.

Anglia Ruskin University (Peterborough) is due to open in September 2022.


By Rob Alexander

Local Democracy Reporting Service