Local businesses offer bright deals and accommodation options


Bright Deals is launching to advertise deals that help emergency and key workers (Photo: Bright Deals)

Bright Deals, a new website designed to help small businesses reach a wider audience, is starting its' service by only advertising deals aimed at emergency and key workers.

The new business will support the wider local economy by helping local traders advertise and get greater social media reach. 

Four free adverts will be given to traders who sign up for an account, with their deals posted to the Bright Deals homepage for customers to be able to see and use. Redeeming the deal will require customers to share it on Facebook, giving small local businesses a boost on social media.

Stamford apartments are being offered at reduced rates to key workers (photo: Darren Grigas)


NHS workers are more exposed to coronavirus than any other key workers at the moment, so some of them are choosing to move out of their family home to avoid spreading the virus. 

As a result, Stamford Stays, a company who offers a number of different luxury apartments, has committed to doing what they can for NHS workers. 

Despite having a noticeable loss in income due to cancellations, they've offered rooms at rates that won't get them a profit, but will merely cover the cost to run the locations. 

They said: "We have already reduced our rates online as nurses and key workers may try to book via these portals and we do not want to make them unavailable to them.

"If they come to us directly however, then we will vet them to ensure they meet the criteria as per the government guidelines and agree our lowest possible rates, just enough to keep them running for key workers for as long as they need."

They also have limited accommodation in and around Peterborough available on the same scheme.

To get in touch, you can email Info@stamfordstays.com or call 01780 693433.