New Championing Business programme for local companies


John Bridge. Photo: Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce

Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce's inclusive Championing Business programme – which incorporates Local Business Champions and Global Trade Champions - is open to all businesses from the smallest independent micro-business to the largest exporter, irrespective of whether they are a Chamber member or not.

Local Business Champions are representatives of any business in our region that want to be part of a community that drives activities for the benefit of the whole community, that want to play a part in the success of our local economy, and are committed to working collectively to promote and drive the economy forward.

The Chamber believes that, collectively, we can achieve more, and that is what being a Local Business Champion is all about. Business owners simply need to sign-up via the Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce website.

Abtec Industries Ltd in Wisbech and Encocam in Huntingdon are among the first businesses supporting the  initiative.

Abtec Industries Sales Director, Michelle Ring, said: "More than ever, the need for successful small businesses is paramount. Ours is a local business that thinks nationally and internationally. Abtec wishes to play its part in helping companies succeed by passing on how it has managed business growth through the pandemic."

Helen Dighton. Photo: Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce


Helen Dighton, Head of Sales & Marketing at Encocam, said: “The Local Business Champion initiative is a great way to share knowledge and experience. We all have so many things demanding our attention that other businesses’ intelligence can be a huge help and save precious time and energy. Encocam is delighted to be a part of this scheme and hope to both learn from others as well as share our experience.”

The Chamber also wants to help facilitate vital conversations around the relevance and applicability of proposed interventions and strategies for our business community, and encourage contribution to consultations on policy issues that support the development and delivery of activities in the local economy (i.e. planning, transport, funding, etc). The initial focus will be recovery and rebuilding the economy.

In anticipation of developments up to and after the Brexit transition period has ended, the Global Trade Champions initiative will provide participants with information and resources to continue to trade successfully.

The Chamber already provides access to export documentation and trade support at a local and national level - and being a Global Trade Champion will help to facilitate more trade in the coming months and years. Anyone interested can find details on the Chambers website.

Starting on Thursday, July 23, the Chamber will hold fortnightly Championing Business sessions, highlighting important issues and updates, and where businesses will be given the opportunity to share their insights and experiences, and input into important decision-making and key policy developments for our region. Business owners can register for the event via the Chamber website and via Eventbrite.

John Bridge OBE DL, Chief Executive of Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce, commented: “One of the most important points about this initiative is that it is fully inclusive. Recent times have shown the need for businesses to come together and build a different and more inclusive future for themselves, for the benefit of all. And this is something that needs to be encouraged.

“As we continue to navigate unprecedented times, let’s stay informed, be inclusive and access the right information at the right time.

“Being a Local Business Champion and / or a Global Trade Champion allows us to build proficiency and level-up our business community. Additionally, our Championing Business events will allow companies to come together and share experiences and expertise so that we can all work together to promote and drive the local economy forward.”

Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce is committed to inspiring business success by independently representing the interests of businesses across the region.

As one of 53 Chambers across the UK to be accredited to the British Chambers of Commerce, its 3,800 members are part of one of the most influential business groups in the UK. The BCC pro-actively and successfully lobbies on behalf of over 104,000 businesses, of all sectors and sizes, representing their interests on a national and international level.

Members also have access to a unique benefits package and quality export services to ensure international success.

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