New city centre store for vegan cosmetics and clothes opens


Velluur- city's new independent retailer for Vegan cosmetics and trendy cloths now open on Bridge Street

‘It’s a dream come true’ for owner Klaudia who previously worked alongside her partner Damian Wawrzyniak and helped run their businesses including House of Feasts. 

But she says she has always been interested in all things fashion since a young age, and so Velluur was born during the pandemic – as an online business. 

Ahead of the store opening, Klaudia said: “I am very excited. It’s a dream come true for me. My family and friends have been so supportive. 

“Last year, during lockdown, I started a business of bath salts, body oils and soaps and cosmetics which are all vegan. It really took off, people loved the products. The products are very good quality at affordable prices. 

“I slowly ventured into clothes – I found some great independent designers I am working with. I design some clothes too. 

“I am slightly worried too as it's a big risk I am taking in such uncertain times, and I don’t know if there will another lockdown or what rules will come into place?  I'm hoping for the best though. 

“It was very challenging to get this off the ground - the shipments and goods transfers were impacted due to the lockdown and restrictions in place and people working from home, everything was delayed. But we are here now. 

“This is an independent store and will be offering unique products – I am proud of the high quality we are offering at affordable prices. Everyone is welcome, please come and show us your support.” 

Klaudia and the team have planned a grand opening today from mid-day which includes a live DJ,  a runway display of the cloths on offer, snacks and bubbly to go with it. 

You can find out about the new shop coming to 41 Bridge Street here