Our lockdown: Why we went ahead with launching our new business in April


Nyree and Laura launched their new comms agency Jack and Grace during lockdown. Photo: John Baker

The duo decided in January they would team up and create their own company, and because they had no clients when Covid descended they were not under any real pressure when they launched three months later.

The aim of communications agency Jack and Grace is to put people and the planet at the heart of what they do as well as profit, by blending their own skills and experiences of PR, comms, digital marketing and more.

Laura said: "The timing was just magic at that moment. We had some conversations and put together business plans in January, obviously not knowing about, or intending to launch during, a pandemic. 

"I guess a lot of the principles that we had been aiming for in our vision for the business, in some ways were made a little bit easier, because we had wanted to be a virtual agency and work remotely and flexibly."

While Covid-19 may have slowed down the initial processes, the companies they work with have tended to be more resilient to the effects of a pandemic, which undoubtedly helped.

In our latest Peterborough Natters podcast the duo revealed how they juggled between launching and looking after young children, tips for launching a new business, and how Peterborough has behaved during Covid.

There's also an insight into some of the comments they've faced in the past - Nyree was once told, during 1-1 feedback from a male MD, that she should 'wear brighter colours' at work to get more engagement!

Take a listen below, or for more information on the agency click here.