How Amazon Peterborough is delivering play to children at Addenbrooke's


The team at Amazon Peterborough have delivered Marty the Robot kits to Addenbrooke's paediatric ward (Photo: Supplied)

Marty the Robot kits, made by Robotical Ltd, help children learn about computer science and engineering and were delivered to children in Addenbrooke's as part of an ongoing commitment to inspire children to engage in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects.

The robots will be used by play specialists and children to facilitate virtual Amazon STEM workshops. Play specialists work with children who are in hospital for long periods of time, using play as a therapeutic tool to help them understand their illness and treatment.

This delivery is part of Amazon Goes Gold, launched in 2017. This annual campaign strives to raise awareness of and funds for childhood cancer.

In addition, Amazon also made a donation of £10,000 to Starlight, a charity that supports play specialists and encourages play within hospitals to improve a child's experience of treatment. This donation was made as part of the Amazon in the Community programme.

Dr Krutika Pau, director of Children’s Services at Starlight, said: "We would like to thank Amazon for this donation and for facilitating the exciting workshops for children in Addenbrooke's Hospital. At Starlight, we know that play and distraction are essential for improving wellbeing and reducing anxiety, fear and stress associated with being in hospital. Play can reduce isolation and increase social connection and gives children a sense of control and autonomy when this has been lost through illness."

Amazon's Peterborough delivery station manager, Matt Thompson, added: "Amazon is passionate about the education of children and we are glad to partner with Starlight and Addenbrooke's Hospital to deliver virtual workshops. We hope they will be a fun distraction for the children."