Baby not thrown out with bathwater as George enjoys first Christmas at home


The happy family at home

Little George arrived in October to Katie (31) and Chris Hards (39), after labour came a little earlier than expected.

The couple, along with their daughter Amelia (two), had moved into their first home together at the Aqua Drive development in Hampton in June.

Katie, a Software Developer, said: “We moved here because of how pretty the area is. There are lots of footpaths and a lovely lake at the development. Being pregnant since we moved in, I haven’t been able to explore the area all that much, so I am now excited to do this!

“We had some friends over in the evening, which left before midnight. During the night, I began to feel a bit uncomfortable, but it was still a couple of days before my due date. We rang the hospital, who told us to come in. But within 10 minutes, I realised that wasn’t going to be an option!

“The paramedics came so quickly, and I have to praise Chris who was multi-tasking looking after Amelia, calling the paramedics and tending to me. George was born in our family bathroom, and we are both really well.

“The community at the development is really close-knit. I have made friends with other pregnant women or those who have recently given birth.

“My husband put a post on the Facebook page the following day to explain the reason for the ambulance. We had over 120 comments congratulating us, which was really lovely."

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