Independents' Weekend: New bakery for Peterborough


23-year-old Hannah Damani is setting up her own bakery on Sergeant Street, Peterborough (Picture: Hannah Damani)

Hannah Damani, 23, is getting ready to open up her own bakery in Peterborough on July 18. She's been a keen baker since her school days, always eager to take part in charity cake sales, and would often get special requests from her family and friends.

Talking about her bakery, Cakes by Hannah, the young baker said: “It’s very exciting. I have always wanted to have my own bakery and it’s finally come true.  

“My family and friends have been so supportive all through, my brother especially. I am obviously nervous but looking forward to taking my passion to the next level. 

“I enjoyed baking from a young age. I kept experimenting with requests from friends and family to bake new things and it has helped me develop a lot as a baker. Everyone is proud of me at home and it’s very encouraging to see the response from the community. I think if I didn’t give it a go, I would have regretted it. 

In addition to baking - and decorating her bakery - Hannah has been busy during the lockdown trying to complete her psychology degree from Brunel University in Uxbridge, London. Her graduation ceremony has been put on hold and there is a chance it could be postponed until early next year. 

She has been back home since March but has had a challenging time trying to complete her assignments and dissertations. She is disappointed and thinks students haven't been supported efficiently in the current climate.

Hannah added: “It has been very difficult to study at home with all my family, siblings, parents and nieces around - but we got there in the end.

“I think the students, especially the final year ones, have not been supported well. This is a crucial moment for us, following which we enter the real world. I think we should have been given more guidance on what to expect. We have been sent home for months now due to the lockdown, which was essential as well, but with an uncertain future ahead of us. A bit more help from authorities would have helped make it slightly easy for us students get through the crisis.”

Hannah will be opening her store on Sergeant Street on July 18. In the meantime, people can preview her work here.

Cakes By Hannah is opening on Sergeant Street, Peterborough on July 18 (Picture: Hannah Damani)