'Intimate wax' in high demand at Peterborough beauty salon


Intimate waxes are in high demand (photo: Adobe Stock)

Many people across the city are booking themselves in for beauty treatments or putting themselves on a waiting list for when lockdown is lifted.

Pippa May, of Pippa May Beauty in Yaxley has been building up her diary = now she is trying to accommodate all of her clients, and has said that waxing is definitely the most popular treatment. 

She said: "On average I do 12 clients a week for intimate waxing and most of them have messaged to be added onto my waiting list and asking for advice. 

"I do a lot of eyebrow and facial waxing too but I've found a lot of clients have managed with tweezers for the face.

"A lot of my clients at first were waiting and trying to leave it as we didn't know how long lockdown would be. 

"Most of them come every four to six weeks for intimate waxing and have been getting a wax for years. Waxing removes hair from the root unlike shaving which is basically just removing hair from the surface instead. 

"Waxing isn't a treatment that can be done from home and I don't recommend DIY waxing. I have told my clients to try a hair removal cream, which while the results don't last as long, it's better than shaving." 

Pippa May is among one of the many salons preparing to open next month, and as salons play catch up with their clients, it's looking like they will be even busier than usual.