Luxe Beauty owner shocked after road-map: 'We expected the worst'


Luxe Beauty owner shocked after road-map: 'We expected the worst' (photo: Abbie Benstead-Evans)

The beauty sector was closed for much of 2020 and was among the last businesses permitted to reopen last summer - now some are delighted with the news they can open as early as April 12.

Owner Abbie said she didn't expect to hear anything about her salon being able to reopen. 

Speaking to Peterborough Matters, she said: "Well, I really wasn’t expecting that. We’ve had around 10 months of our doors being closed, all of the uncertainty, being messed around with re-opening dates between the lockdowns, and everything being pulled from under our feet at the last minute multiple times.

"To hear the personal care sector even being addressed and mentioned in the announcement this week was something that many of us just weren’t expecting. We’ve become used to just expecting the worst after all of this time."

"I was so certain that we wouldn’t be mentioned that I didn’t even watch the lunch time broadcast."

Abbie added: "I didn’t have a clue what had been mentioned until I started having a flood of appointments booked in online and messages pinging through to my phone. I heard the news from multiple clients and friends that were wasting no time in getting their appointments in, which I’m incredibly grateful for.

"I can't explain how excited we are at the prospect of getting back to what we do best, and mostly how happy we are that so many of our brides are now able to relax and really enjoy the run up to their wedding without the constant stress and worry.

"I've seen many of my clients regularly every month for years now, so to go so long without being able to catch up with them and have our laughs has been really difficult – so many have become like friends over the years.

"Going from working so hard and doing so many hours to not being allowed to do anything for all of this time has been hard, not only financially, but also mentally when I’m used to having such a social job.

"Our industry has learned by now to not get to excited straight away, and always edge on the side of caution, as we know that that date we’ve been given for reopening (April 12) is only a best case scenario and could change still. Saying that, I’m still so pleased to be mentioned and give us something to look forward to and work towards instead of being in complete limbo.

"This comes as such a relief as it means that I'll be able to get my staff back working. They’ve been on furlough for this time, although I’m grateful for this, it becomes a strain when the percentage drops and I have to personally top up their wages. It been a very expensive time, with many bills to still be paid, as I’m sure many can relate to, so this news has come right when we all need it the most, to keep our businesses afloat.

"My heart really goes out to all of the businesses that have has to close their doors permanently due to all of this, its such a sad situation.

"For now, its all systems go for us before reopening. There is plenty to be doing, and there is a new found sense of excitement around it all, now that we have a provisional date. We need all the support once we reopen to bounce back from this, but we know we have the best clients, and we’re so excited to be seeing so many friendly faces again."

Alongside personal care, including hairdressers, non-essential retail, gyms and holiday lets for the use of a single household group can also open. 

Mr Johnson told MPs: "We will begin to reopen our pubs and restaurants outdoors and honourable members will be relieved there will be no curfew and the Scotch egg debate will be over, as there will be no requirement for alcohol to be accompanied by a substantial meal."

Zoos, theme parks and drive-in cinemas will also reopen in this phase along with public libraries and community centres, Mr Johnson said.