Maryam's new business can be labelled a success


One of the personalised Christmas products that Maryam has created. Photo: Maryam Chagani

Qualified pharmacist Maryam is a mother of two young boys, one of whom is under a year old. And, as with many small businesses owners launching their services this year, the birth of Peel Stick Label, which creates vinyl and heat transfer labels, cake toppers and personalised goods, involved Covid-19.

She said: "I wanted to find a way to start a business that allows me to stay at home and spend time with my children as well as an earning potential. I started this business in late July during the pandemic and it has been running for four months and I have really enjoyed it. 

Herb pots available for personalisation. Photo: Maryam Chagani

"The heat transfer labels can be ironed onto clothing or material to personalise those. These were the drive behind the name Peel Stick Label as you Peel the transfer paper off, Stick your label onto the desired and surface and can Label anything.

"During the first wave of the pandemic we released personalised hand sanitiser bottles which were a hit and since then we have also released personalised Christmas baubles.