Peterborough business raising money for Pakistan clinic


Sakina Al Shafa clinic: A young family attends a consultation with one of the clinic's two doctors.

Sohail Sethi, the owner of specialist labels manufacturer AA Labels in Wainman Road, opened the Sakina Al Shafa clinic in Lahore in 2009 to provide free general medical care for families unable to afford private medical costs.

He and his wife, Asifa, set up the charity Medicaid Action Ltd in order to fund the practice, which opens six days a week and sees around 300 patients per day for consultations and prescriptions.

Medicaid Action Ltd now aims to raise another £200k to purchase used angiography and ECG equipment to expand its services.

Sethi, who was born in the UK but spent his early years living in Lahore, said: "The motivation was to assist with the alleviation of hardship associated with poverty through the provision of free medical services in a city that has connections and history for my family.

“When the clinic first opened it was intended to serve a small local community in north of Lahore, providing free basic consultation, medical and prescription services for around 300 patients a week, but it has since grown to become five times that size due to increasing demand.

“The clinic serves a particularly poor neighbourhood in Lahore and unfortunately, the provision of free medical services such as this are not common in Pakistan, hence the need to expand the size of the clinic and range of services provided to keep pace with demand."