New campervan rental company thinks driving holidays could be the future


The DinkyDubs rental is great for family holidays or festivals (Photo: Supplied)

DinkyDubs is based in Ailsworth and provides campervan hire for festivals, touring, road-trips or family holidays. The van is a converted VW caddy and "dinky" but transports and sleeps up to 4 people. The camper also includes a tent, heating, a fridge, outside chairs, a picnic table, sink and stove. 

Luke Ferguson and his partner, Wizz, spent a year touring Europe in a motorhome, visiting 22 countries on the journey. They enjoyed their time so much that upon their return, they wanted to provide opportunities for others to have similar experiences.

Luke's brother, Jake, and his family love camping trips away -- so when the idea came to them about setting up a campervan rental business, it made sense for it to be a family affair!

Speaking to Peterborough Matters, Luke said: "My dad, Jake, and I actually first discussed and set up the business in October -- over a pint, which is a breeding ground for many good ideas! But due to other projects, we put it on hold. 

"We restarted the project in May this year, which for some might seem a risky choice, but we felt that people would be reluctant to fly for their holidays and would instead want something different and closer to home. 

"It's very exciting starting business with my family; we all have different skills that have really helped."