Which Peterborough businesses have great 'green' credentials?


Queensgate is one of the Peterborough organisations certified green by Investors in the Environment (Photo: John Baker)

There are 21 organisations based in Peterborough that are either already certified or on their way to being certified 'green'. These are:

  • Allia Business
  • Athene Communications
  • BCS Consulting
  • Buckles Solicitors
  • Budget Paper Supplies
  • Cross Keys Homes
  • Hegarty
  • Hunt and Coombes
  • IPM Global Mobility
  • Lynch Wood
  • Nene Park Trust
  • Peterborough Environment City Trust
  • Perkins
  • Peterborough City Council
  • Peterborough Printing Services
  • Peterborough Regional College sites
  • Queensgate
  • Roythornes
  • Roe Group
  • Skanska Peterborough Highways
  • Walters

Two Peterborough businesses are categorised as silver, and four are bronze. Green Energy Switch and Opportunity Peterborough have committed to silver certification, while 3 Sixty Accountants, BGL, E4education and Free Thinking Design have achieved bronze.

Carol Wakelin, environmental manager at Queensgate Shopping Centre, said: "Queensgate Shopping Centre is proud to hold eight years of Green Accreditations from Investors in the Environment (iiE), as a result of our work to make Peterborough’s leading shopping centre a more sustainable, energy-saving and waste-reducing business.

"We look forward to maintaining our support of the iiE and Peterborough Environment City Trust, PECT, while striving to develop further eco-friendly initiatives at our shopping destination in the coming years."

Nene Park Trust are also valued members of the scheme. Chris Park, the environmental project development officer for the Trust leading on the iiE project in the park commented: "Becoming iiE members has had huge benefits for the Trust, by helping us to set achievable targets in reducing our resource use. In 2018, the Trust achieved Bronze accreditation and is currently working towards Silver accreditation by looking at achieving further reductions in other resources.  This stepped approach, along with tips on working smarter that we have received from iiE, have been invaluable and we are now aiming to achieve the highest level of Green accreditation in the near future."

David Knight, iiE’s environmental consultant, said of the news that iiE members had made huge carbon savings through the year: "Individuals and organisations at a local and global level must become more aware of the challenges that we face collectively. We need to become smarter, more efficient and considered with the resources and materials we use. iiE is working with organisations nationally to support their efforts in making these changes and reducing their resource consumption."

To get a bronze certification, members must:

  • Have an environmental policy in place
  • Appoint an environmental champion
  • Monitor gas, electricity and water use
  • Monitor use of one other resource
  • Take quarterly resource readings
  • Set targets for improved energy efficiency
  • Have an action plan and recycling system in place
  • Present progress annually, and submit evidence pack for assessment

In addition to those commitments, silver certified members must also:

  • Monitor use of two other resources (up from the one required to be bronze)
  • Demonstrate progress towards targets
  • Adopt a travel plan
  • Undertake two additional essential actions

To reach the next level and become a green certified member, additional commitments include:

  • Taking actual meter readings at least monthly
  • An annual 2% minimum reduction in resource use
  • Calculate carbon footprint and set targets to reduce
  • Monitor use of three other resources (up from the two required to be silver)
  • Undertake three essential actions (up one from the two required to be silver)
  • Undergo a site audit through iiE

iiE members are supported achieving their certification with a one-to-one support officer, and through one-to-many webinars and member events. For any business looking to find out more about becoming a greener organisation and also sign up to become an iiE member at www.iie.uk.com.