Three more businesses meet Fairtrade criteria in Peterborough


Beki Sellick, from the Fairtrade local branch, at Greggs with Anees

In order to meet Fairtrade criteria, an establishment must offer at least four Fairtrade products.

These products are guaranteed to be ethical and ensure a fair pay for farmers and workers, mainly in developing countries.

The Lightbox Cafe, Greggs and Starbucks have all met the Fairtrade critera and join the likes of Chimes Coffee Shop, Lakeside Kitchen & Bar, MD’s Coffee and West Raven Community Cafe.

Peterborough was awarded Fairtrade city status in October 2019 and the local branch hopes to reinforce the message as workers prepare to return to their offices in the coming weeks.

Peterborough-based roasters Select Coffee Services is offering a Fairtrade tea and coffee kit, which it hopes businesses will take up. The kit will support workers in poorer countries in receiving a fair wage for their labour - helping them recover better from the Covid pandemic.

On Monday (August 9), volunteers visited 39 different city centre locations to find out if they met the criteria to be recognised as Fairtrade outlets. Several that did not said that, having learned more about the initiative, they would consider stocking products in the future.

Sophie Yates, manager of the Greggs store, said: "The team at Greggs really are proud to serve Fairtrade tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sugar and orange juice here. 

"It's really easy to switch to Fairtrade in Peterborough and make a difference for some of the poorest farmers and their families across the world."

More information on Fairtrade Peterborough and a list of outlets which stock Fairtrade products, can be found online.