Bramble Bakes - Peterborough's new stop for 'gooey' vegan cookies


Chocolate chip cookie at Bramble Bakes - Peterborough's new Vegan cookie stop

Siobhan Henson (27) works at a nursery and is currently on maternity leave. Her husband Liam Henson (30) is an accountant. They live in Newborough and are excited to launch Bramble Bakes – a new vegan cookie bakery from home. 

The couple decided to go vegan earlier this year but they say, they ‘have struggled to find a decent New-York style, gooey cookie.’  

Talking about the new business, Siobhan said: “We went vegan in February after our son was born. We love cookies so we explored the market to try out different ones but we found them dry or bland. We found ourselves wondering if plant-based meant boring and thought, surely not! We have therefore been on a mission for most of this year to create the perfect cookie and now that we have, we want to share them with everyone. 

“At the minute we are doing it through social media and people can just message us. Customers can collect their orders and if orders are above £10 we can deliver to anywhere in Peterborough. 

“The response has been great so far, we already have quite a few pre-orders, especially for Halloween. We have a lot of support from friends and family.

“Going forward, we would like to start a little shop, and go to markets across the country. We are going to be at the Vegan market in Peterborough on November 27.  

“There definitely is a gap in the market. We have found it very tricky to find good cookies that we have enjoyed.

"But a lot of our friends who aren’t vegan are enjoying these cookies and really like them, so you can’t tell that these are vegan. We are hoping to keep refreshing our flavours every few months.” 

The bakery is based at their home in Newborough and will be launched on Tuesday (October 26). For information on the menu and to place an order visit here