Entrepreneur, 22, growing new business during lockdown


Will has launched his own business called Realise Finance (photo: Will Blower)

Realise Finance has been a work-in-progress for two years, but only recently has Will registered it as a company and pushed himself to grow the business himself. 

Despite working at a full time job and the challenges of lockdown, he's landed himself seven clients, with a hope of reaching 30 by the end of the year. 

Will said: "I've been doing accountancy since I was 18 and I’ve loved it ever since, but I always wanted to go out on my own. I like feeling like I can make a positive impact on people.  

"Working on my own means that I get to learn about my clients' business, they’re always interested in showing me their machinery and how they make their products. I get to learn more, I love the personal side of it. I don’t ever want to lose the personal touch.

"I'm running the business by myself at the moment, but I would love to employ someone one day. That's in my three year plan, but I'm a long way off at the moment. 

"In just a month and a half I have seven clients, but around three of them are family members. They encouraged me to go out alone, they supported me along the way, I've been working with family members for about two years."

Although Will has been successful in his new venture so far, he is worried that his age will hold him back, but he hopes to prove to clients that his age isn't an important factor.

He said: "I'm worried some clients might think I’m too young but I like the risk. I do wonder if things would be slightly different if I was a bit older, but I am proactive and I'm determined to make this a success. My plan is to just keep growing."

For more information or to look at what services they offer, visit their website.