Loose leaf tea company gets Oxford Street opportunity


Tasnime Jennings is the founder of Very Craftea, which is heading to a London pop-up shop

Tasnime Jennings, founder of the loose leaf tea and embroidery kit company Very Craftea, will be one of a curated cohort of online retailers to take part in a brand-new pop-up on London’s Oxford Street next month, to help create the next generation of high street entrepreneurs.

A comprehensive package of retail support, titled Hello, World, is being offered through a partnership between small business network and business support provider Enterprise Nation and the European mobile point of sale company Sum Up. The support means that more than 45 retailers from the UK will be given training in skills that they hope can revive high streets.

Support given to Tasnime will range from help building an effective hybrid approach - for selling both on and offline - as well as advice in mastering 'experiential' retail that gives customers something different.

Tasnime said: "I love the high street and I’m lucky to be part of this initiative. I'm really looking forward to the experience and for it to raise awareness of my brand.

"I've never had the opportunity to sell in London before, so I will be interested to see how this event will affect my business longer term. I've found when people learn more about my products, the ethics and story behind the brand from me directly, they are much more invested in my business.

"Social media is great, but it’s not everything, so I'm looking at different ways to enhance the experience for my customers both on and offline, and this will provide a great insight to this."

Emma Jones CBE, founder of Enterprise Nation, said: "There is no doubt this is an extraordinary moment for British high streets. To say they have changed beyond recognition would be an understatement.

"It’s clear what happens next will be crucial in shaping their future. While our high streets might look bleak right now with an exodus of large retailers, small businesses are preparing to return.

"This initiative is designed specifically to give UK brands a good grounding to help small firms re-take the high street."

Figures from retail data company Springboard show "pent up demand from shoppers for bricks and mortar stores" which supports its forecast for "a significant uplift in footfall" now retail is open.

The Oxford Street shop is in collaboration with retail pop-up specialist Sook.