Lash tech taking on business venture to keep up beauty regime


Charlotte Cosmetics is testing out strip lashes for her business (photo: @charlottecosmetics_

CharlotteCosmetics, based at the Sharpe Faces makeup studio on Oakleigh Drive, has swapped out her individual lashing for removable strip lashes. 

Although she normally works on people doing individual lashes, she's instead decided to put a few sets together and sell them online, so her clients can keep on top of their beauty regime.

Inspired by a client who previously had cancer, she said: "I originally told a client that I would make her a pair of strip lashes in January because she was diagnosed with cancer last year so she was unable to have her lashes done with me for a long time. 

"That's where the initial idea came from, but now I can't work, I've been able to fulfil the task I've set myself and do even more. 

"I've had a few people ask how much they are so I'm going too produce more sets and then put them up for sale."

Vouchers have also been offered with CharlotteCosmetics, to be used when restrictions lift. 

For more information, get in touch via Instagram @charlottecosmetics_