Peterborough HackSpace seeks contributors for a 'tech-support' group


The HackSpace is a community workshop based in Bretton (Photo: Tyler Clark)

The 'tech-support' group is likely to be most useful for parents who are home-educating while the schools are closed, but is open to anybody to join.

The group is particularly looking for:

  • Teachers of maths, science or English
  • Developers who can help those who want to learn coding
  • Craftspeople
  • People familiar with Arduino or Raspberry Pi

Anyone who thinks they have another skill to offer is encouraged to get in touch and share their ideas.

Contributors don't necessarily need to be already working in one of these areas, or have any formal qualifications.

Tyler Clark, founder of The HackSpace, says: "You could be an amateur developer for fun, or a hobby crafter; as long as you have skills to share and are confident you're proficient enough to help others, you're what we are looking for."

The group is in the process of finding ways to operate online to bring the support to those who want it.

Anyone interested in becoming a contributor should get in touch via the HackSpace Facebook: