Woodston hair salon highlight first post-lockdown day successes


Nathan Nightingale-Thorpe and Becca Wilson after their busy first day back at work (Photo: Nathan Nightingale-Thorpe)

Nathan Nightingale-Thorpe and Becca Wilson are the owners of Blades and Glory, a hair and beauty salon on New Road in Woodston. Speaking to Nathan after his first day back at work yesterday, he told Peterborough Matters that they were thoroughly enjoying working again.

He said: "It was a bit like when you come back from holiday and after a few hours at work it's like you've never been off. It felt like that - just those first few hours of adjusting to the new guidelines and then it was like we'd never been away.

"I was a bit anxious this morning driving in, just wondering if I would be okay in a visor for so many hours, if we'd got the planning right, if the clients would be able to see those nerves and if it would affect them. But it really didn't stay for long. All those concerns about coping with the 'new normal' and it turns out 'new normal' seems to work really well.

"I forgot I was wearing the visor a few times and went to drink and obviously found an obstacle, but other than that I really don't think there were any hitches."

He felt that customers seemed to approach the salon slightly unsure, thinking the guidelines were more severe than they turned out to be.

At Blades and Glory, clients are offered masks on arrival, but they aren't compulsory. This is due to the measures in place: social distancing throughout the salon, the rigorous sanitising of stations between appointments, the single-use gowns and collars and the staff wearing visors at all times.

He added: "Once customers see that we're relaxed and have everything covered, they relax themselves. Once they're relaxed and comfortable, it's easy. We've had glowing reviews on the website, which is amazing to see.

"There are hundreds of people to rebook, but it's so exciting to be back and see everyone. Even the home jobs are good to see - at first I went on social media and told everyone to leave their hair alone, but as lockdown went on I just said people should do what they need to do. We've laughed together at the handiwork of partners and family members."