Who to trust with your car: How a specialist car dealer can help you get back on the road


Bartlett Peterborough is a specialist car garage

Specialist technicians have the expertise and the tools to fix every model in their field of knowledge, and plenty of other products besides. Bartlett Automotive, an independent garage with stations in Peterborough and Huntingdon, specialise in repairs and services for BMWs, MINIs and Porsches.

Director Natalie Bartlett reveals why it’s best to take your car to a specialist dealer and how they can ensure your vehicle is road-fit and raring to go.

Q: What can specialist car technicians provide that can’t be found elsewhere?

A: Many of our technicians were trained and have worked at main car garages and have worked on the vast majority of models within the brands we cater to. They have the expertise, skills and additional training and qualifications to fix what problem your car may be experiencing.

We are able to send our staff members to the main BMW training facility at Reading to consolidate their existing knowledge, and update their skills for new products. Most general garages don’t have access to this level of training, or as much understanding of the latest technology as specialists.

Q: What services can clients benefit from at a specialist garage?

A: Clients have access to the same level of expertise and technology as they would find at a main Porsche, BMW or MINI dealership. As a trade partner of the brands, we specialise in maintaining high standards and delivering quality service. Customers can expect honest and comprehensive MOT assessments, effective repairs to faulty parts and in-depth diagnostic tests.

Q: Can you service older models as well as top of the range products?

A: Yes, all the classics are more than welcome at a specialist's garage. Here at Bartlett, we are known for catering to limited edition M3 CSL vehicles, which are now very few in number. People will travel to our depots from all across the country in order to have this particular type of car serviced. We know our brands inside and out, including their classic models, as well as top of line contemporary ones.

There’s nothing that we cannot do for older vehicles, especially for BMWs. Collectively, our technicians have over 100 years' worth of BMW expertise. Many of our technicians are very excited when a classic car drives to our garages, as they were technicians back when they were first released. This can put owners’ minds at ease, knowing their car is in safe hands, and something can be done to repair it, enabling them to keep driving the car they adore.

Q: What are the benefits of using a specialist to fine-tune or upgrade your car?

A: We can identify areas where your car can be improved. For example, we can upgrade a low-performing engine or fine-tune your vehicle to enhance its performance and enable you to travel more miles per gallon of petrol. Using our insight, we can tweak elements of your car to suit you, and make your driving experience one of pleasure and extreme comfort.

For more information, visit bartlett-auto.com. Alternatively, call 01480 459771 for the Huntingdon garage or 01733 852955 for Peterborough.