Dominic, 28, has found his calling thanks to an apprenticeship


C S Ellis took Dominic on as an apprentice in 2019

C S Ellis, a Rutland-based logistics firm, has employed many apprentices in its eight decade history, with most going on to achieve fantastic things in the company and with other businesses.

Dominic Hurr, an LGV driving apprentice, joined the firm in October 2019 and has since been working towards his final apprenticeship exam.

He said: "It was my wife who came across the opportunity to work with C S Ellis. I was in the market for a new job, as the place I was working had no journey for progression.

"Since leaving school, I never really knew what I wanted to do. [At CS Ellis] I’ve actually found my passion and my calling at 28 years old. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do, but I’m so happy now.

"For anyone considering applying for an apprenticeship, I say go for it. It’s a different way of learning. There are more opportunities, much more than just the apprenticeship that you see initially."

Dominic has since gained his Class 2 HGV license, which allows him to drive up to 26 tonnes. 

C S Ellis have recently taken on two new LGV Apprentices to follow in Dominic's footsteps. James Buckler-Shurmer and Chris Marris will be engaging in a training programme which will result in them being awarded a Class 2 (Category C) driving licence.

The majority of apprentices that work with C S Ellis opt to stay with the firm, but opportunities can be found elsewhere.