Peterborough Lush store opens its doors in new retail space


The new Lush store has opened in Peterborough

The first 100 visitors to the store were gifted with a free bath bomb to celebrate the launch as they were welcomed into a bigger retail space. 

Now featuring a consultation area and a party space open to hire, the store has allowed for more space to increase the customer experience. 

Georgia Byng, shop manager of Lush Peterborough said: "This is a good space for us to be because people won't get too confused about where we've moved to so it's ideal. 

"The bigger space allows us to give a better customer experience, people can have retail consultations to find out which products work better for them."

She added: "It's bigger than the other store, but the main reason we're moving is because of the expansion of the cinema, so Queensgate have relocated us."

Rosie Goodbourn, Store Design & Materials researcher said: "At Lush we pride ourselves on sourcing the most ethical materials possible and this includes the materials we use to fit our shops. We want to show that it is possible to have beautiful, innovative store design that supports our ethics as a company."

From 10.30 to 11.30 on February 21, they'll have a session to make your own Brightside Bubble bar, followed by two sessions to make your own Rocket Science bath bomb at 12.30 to 1pm, and 2pm to 3pm.