Luxe Beauty going from 'strength to strength' as beauty blender sales soar


Luxe Beauty owner Abbie is still so proud of her business (photo: Abbie Benstead-Evans)

Luxe Beauty, which was launched over five years ago, is a popular makeup studio based in Whittlesey. 

Owner Abbie Benstead-Evans is still shocked at the progress her business has made, and after hiring her first employees, even found the time to create her own 'Luxe Beauty Blender' which has proven to be popular not just in Peterborough, but across the UK. 

Prior to starting her own business, Abbie worked for a high-end makeup company as an assistant manager and enjoyed it so much that she wanted to offer even more, which resulted in her starting her own business. 

She said: "I've always been interested in the beauty industry, as well as the business side of things, so I knew that it was something that I'd love to do, but the whole idea of it was so scary, and I just didn't think it was possible for me.

"I took the plunge and started Luxe Beauty just over five years ago now and it was very hard, especially at the start, but it was the dream. I had a family to support and bills to pay, which is scary when you're taking the leap into working for yourself.

"There's a lot of uncertainty that comes with it, longer hours than you can ever imagine, blood, sweat and tears, but I knew it would all be so worth it. I'm a big believer in the law of attraction, and knew I had to make it happen!

Luxe Beauty has gone from strength to strength (photo: Abbie Benstead-Evans)

She said: "I think my best points of success within the business have been winning awards at "Peterborough Small Business Awards" for the past two years, and launching my own product The Luxe Blender which is going from strength to strength.

"These have all felt so amazing, and its still something that I'm trying to get my head around still, I'm so proud.

"There is still so much in the pipeline for us, I never stop planning ahead and setting goals to achieve more, but success to me is also measured by my clients. As long as my clients feel valued, looked after by us, and are happy, then thats all I can ask for, they're the reason we can achieve all we have, and we've made so many friends for life."