Peterborough makeup artist Sharpe Faces opens first store


Sharpe Faces has just opened their first store (picture: Sharpe Faces)

Sharpe Faces has opened its first studio in Peterborough and will feature even more treatments than before. 

Jess, 27, hired her first makeup artist Sibel Aydogan last year, and she's since hired an additional artist to start in the coming months. 

After kitting out the studio in Oakleigh Drive, Orton Longueville, Sharpe Faces have had an incredible reaction from their loyal followers. 

Sharpe Faces have built a flower wall in their studio (picture: Sharpe Faces)

Joining Jess's team will be eyelash and brow technician Charlotte's Cosmetics, aesthetics nurse LAClinicUK and Gemmalakehair&beauty.

The popular makeup artist made the decision to go solo while she was on maternity leave after working at MAC Cosmetics.

The glamorous studio opened recently (picture: Sharpe Faces)

The new salon has already been busy, with their first makeup masterclass in their new premises held on February 23. 

While they offer services to do makeup for any event, there are also opportunities to have one on one sessions to learn your face or enhance your skill-set.