Peterborough Matters - three months and counting


Peterborough Cathedral grounds. Photo: John Baker

Now that lockdown is easing - somewhat - we hope to soon be out and about in the community, as we initially promised. It will be small steps at first, and obviously maintaining social distancing, but we will be there - at events, meetings, and much more, when the city comes alive again.

We are still learning, and here's some of the ways in which we aim to improve over the next few weeks and months - and some of the things we would like to achieve.

Coronavirus: There's no doubt that the city's economy and well-being has taken a pounding in the past three months, like most of the world. 

We've tried to cover some of the successes of the period, and still want to hear about those who have recovered, or changed direction in life, or 

Sadly, we have also lost people in the past few months too soon. The latest figures show almost 200 deaths in hospitals managed by our trust, and although Peterborough was not as badly affected as some other areas this does not mean we have not been scarred by the legacy of coronavirus.

If you would like to tell us about your loved ones and their life, their achievements and the things that made them special, please get in touch. We will do our best to do them justice. Email us at, and we will be in touch.

Independent business: One thing we have been told consistently is that we should support local, and you'll see that we have featured dozens of new businesses, services, offers and products from small businesses in the city. We're based in them, we drink our coffees in them, we buy our goods from them. 

So while we will still continue to write stories on the chains, where necessary, we'll also be promoting the smaller, newer start-ups or much-loved Peterborough businesses, and the people behind them. That's why you should get in touch.

Partnerships: If you need a media partner for your awards, competitions, initiatives and challenges, then let us know. We'll do our best to help it become a success. Speaking of which...

Advertising: Have you noticed the adverts on our page and on our newsletter? If you want to be seen on pages that are viewed hundreds of thousands of times per month, or sponsor a section of the site, then let us know -

Podcasts: Have you been listening to Peterborough Natters? We've spoken to MPs, poets, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and more - recently by Zoom, which is a novel experience. If you'd like to be featured let us know.

Pictures: Our social media accounts are rocketing at the moment. Once upon a time we were struggling to find a picture of the day - now we're inundated. We've got 12,000 followers on Facebook, and another 1,200 or so on Twitter and Instagram. We're even dabbling with TikTok. 

Guild Hall. Photo: John Baker