Peterborough merchandise provider launches 'creative promise'


Vibrant Colour is a promotional merchandise provider based in Peterborough (Photo: Vibrant Colour)

Many events, exhibitions and campaigns due to go ahead over the summer have been cancelled as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. This has lost businesses money, as well as creating hesitation over purchasing future marketing materials that rely on face-to-face interaction.

The Coronavirus Creative Promise is aimed to encourage businesses to work with Vibrant Colour to explore and develop their brand message now that incoming work is quieter. The offer boasts a no obligation creative consultation, free digital product visuals and financial guarantees that prices will be honoured until September on most lines.

Vibrant Colour is also promising that orders will not be placed until a business is in a position to commit and those that take advantage of this campaign will see priority production upon factory re-opening.

Christopher Smith, director of Vibrant Colour, said: “We recognise businesses want to continue their marketing, and use this time to prepare, but can’t necessarily commit to the expenditure at present.

“This programme ensures they have everything ready to go when the time comes to get back out into the physical world.”

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