Why was Miss Africa Great Britain 2020 contestant Nelly at Lush?


Nelly Ndungu visited Queensgate's Lush as part of Black History Month. Photo: Supplied

Nelly Ndungu, 26, was invited to Lush by Bernadetta Omondi (PREC) and Windrush representative and Peterborough community leader Julia Davidson, with social distaning measures in place.

Nelly attends the University of Hertfordshire studying pharmacology, but also supports young adults living with autism. 

She said: "Black History Month is important to me, because this is an opportunity to promote our culture and remind black people how important it is to embrace our different beautiful cultures , and how to live in peace love and harmony with another. Diversity is beautiful.  

"Winning this competition is important to me because I would get a chance to sponsor a charity back home. As well as here in the UK. I have identified that I would love to work with girls and young women to help end period poverty as it is a problem in Africa that is not properly addressed. 

"The charity is Heels4pads where they do different methods of getting funds for getting pads for sanitary protection."

Julia added: "Please help this aspiring young lady to secure her aims by voting. Good luck Nelly, I look forward to finding the winning results, you are a great role model for young ladies in Africa and the UK"

To vote for Nelly follow this link

Bernadetta Omondi and Julia Davidson. Photo: Supplied