Peterborough nursery 'proud' to receive thank you note from Queen


Little Owls Day Nursery in Tenter Hill, Stanground had a pleasant surprise on Valentine’s Day in the form of a letter from Her Majesty’s Lady in Waiting. 

To mark Queen’s platinum Jubilee and congratulate her on this milestone, the nursery’s children and staff sent messages, paintings and cards to her last month. 

They were excited to get an unexpected response back from Windsor Castle. 

Abbi Goodwin has been running the Ofsted registered ‘Good’ nursery for the last eight years. 

Speaking to Peterborough Matters, she said: “ All of our children did some hand paints with little crowns and glitter for her and the whole team wrote a message to congratulate her. And we sent her a big card with all our names.  And to our surprise, we got a thank you reply on Monday (Feb 14). 

“So, we are so pleased to get that. It was very exciting. We shared it with our parents, shared it on our website.  

“We are only a small nursery with 27 children between the age of a few months up to four years, so to get that response means a lot and we are very proud of it. 

“The Lady in Waiting signed it and said thank you for the paintings and messages which was so personal as well. It’s a big achievement for my small nursery and we are so excited and proud of it. 

“We have told children about the Queen, about the royal family, showed them her pictures and videos so we talk about her. They were getting really excited so we have decided to have a little party in June for her jubilee. 

“We are really pleased to get that letter back. We can imagine she must be such a busy lady but to take time out and respond was so heart-warming. I framed the letter straight away and it’s going up on nursery wall.” 

You can find out more about the nursery here.