Perkins Peterborough: where quality people build quality engines and careers


Perkins has been part of the Peterborough community for nearly 90 years.

Today, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar, Inc.

Perkins Peterborough manufacturing operations include production capacity for up to 420,000 diesel engines annually in a 125,000 square metre factory containing the latest automated and computer-controlled equipment. 

Perkins Peterborough also is the home of the company’s Europe Research and Development Centre with 20 test cells for engines up to 7.1 litre displacement that are used around the world. 

But Perkins manufacturing is about more than numbers of engines produced.

The company is fully dedicated to both worker safety inside the plant and environmental responsibility in the world outside.

The facility is clean, quiet, bright and airy to create a safe and pleasing work experience for everyone involved. Behind the scenes, emissions, wastewater and noise levels are continuously monitored to identify ways they can be minimised.  

In short, environmental responsibility and sustainability are as much a part of the manufacturing process as the machines and systems that produce Perkins engines.

Robotic and computerised manufacturing processes plus automated lighting, heating, cooling and compressed air systems all minimise energy usage in the plant.

Opportunities abound 

Perkins engines are trusted by more than 800 of the leading companies in the industrial, construction, agricultural, materials handling and electrical power generation industries which makes Perkins one of the biggest engine manufacturers in a large industry.

That trust is based on a reputation for quality engines built by quality people for 89 years. 

As Perkins grows, so does the need for more quality people and that opens opportunities at every level. Skilled production, manufacturing and distribution personnel are all needed today, as well as experienced managers and support professionals. 

Right now, there is a critical need at Peterborough for production operatives and forklift truck drivers on the production floor as well as team leaders and section managers on all shifts. 

Perkins is actively recruiting in the Peterborough community for quality people to fill those positions today. No prior production or engineering experience is required as the appropriate training will be provided. 

But those aren’t the only skills needed and the only positions open at Perkins. Click here to see the career opportunities available today. 

Take the first step now

Perkins Peterborough is hiring and the opportunities for an exciting, rewarding career in the diesel engine industry have never been greater. The door to a better future is open and now is the time to step through it.