Print company adds personalised facemasks to post-lockdown services


Print Solutions Ltd is back to work, adding a number of new services to help people adapt to COVID-19 guidance (Photo: Supplied)

Print Solutions has been operating in Peterborough since 1997, and delivers to both trade and direct customers. Print, garment and signage services are all on offer, across a range of products: embroidered uniforms, vehicle signage and advertising, menus, leaflets, flags, banners or business cards.

Lockdown was difficult for the supplier, with many events and exhibitions cancelled and workers needing to be furloughed, but the business is back with a few new ideas to help people adapt to the COVID-19 guidance. It now sells personalised facemasks, social distancing high-vis vests, signboards for hand sanitiser stations and floor markers to remind people of the distancing and one-way systems in many public spaces.

Speaking to Peterborough Matters, Peter Melkowski, managing director of Print Solutions Ltd, said: "As an independent print supplier we are slowly seeing our customers returning back to work and I am working hard to offer new products and services to enable a swift return. 

"I have had to think differently over the shutdown months over how we are to proceed post-COVID. Interestingly one such change is that we decided to offer bespoke printing of face masks as part of our online offering along with signboards and floor markers which are all proving popular.

"With customers returning to work we can only hope they have been as diligent as us in protecting the way forward. No business is safe though, as the full impact of economic measures will, no doubt, slowly take their toll.