Retail in Peterborough: St Peter's Arcade could open again


St Peter's Arcade, Peterborough, as it looked in the summer

Cllr Ed Murphy (Lab) has proposed a motion to reopen the passageway, which initially closed in June last year following a Covid-19 risk assessment.

The move means that anyone wishing to get to St Peter's Road and Car Haven Car Park must head up Bridge Street and round the corner, where building work has been taking place.

However with many of the businesses in the arcade remaining closed there has been no call to reopen it, and in a meeting with councillors in November, Conservative cabinet member Cllr Marco Cereste said that it might not reopen, since there were signs at that point that the journey along Bridge Street had been good for footfall and retail.

Cllr Murphy's motion to the council, which will vote upon it, notes that "Saint Peter’s Arcade access has been closed for some time now, a decision that wasn’t taken with great transparency or consultation.

"An alternative route for disabled people is to use Bridge Street round a narrower entrance on a pavement where the width has been restricted due to building works. It has been commented that two wheelchair users can’t use this at the same time.

"Council believes that a number of people and residents, particularly those who use wheelchairs, would wish to see Saint Peters Arcade opened as an access route into the town centre and that both routes could have been used to reduce possible Covid-19 risks with a one-way advisory in place.

"Council resolves to request that the Cabinet Member consider the reopening of Saint Peter’s Arcade and enhanced access for disabled people into the city centre.”

The meeting will take place virtually on Wednesday, January 27 at 6pm.