Peterborough company releases eBook to help businesses after lockdown


Meet Hugo has seen its staff size treble during lockdown (Photo: Anna Morrish)

Meet Hugo identifies and cultivates potential customers for businesses. The research team delivers opportunities that generate quicker, simpler and more powerful enquiries and sales.

Founded in 2018, Meet Hugo is a growing team committed to helping businesses around the world. The sales office in Miami is growing the company in the US, and a team in Manila works in a variety of other international English speaking markets.

The lockdown period has seen Meet Hugo grow considerably - from a team of nine to a team of 27. As businesses became much more interested in digital communication, the demand for a streamlined sales service increased. Meet Hugo has hired more talent to meet demand, with additional jobs in the local area and abroad.

Ben Harper, founder of Meet Hugo, explained: “For the most part, we’ve been really fortunate in that our platform is focused around lead generation, and is effectively a work from home tool, which means we’ve seen a higher demand than normal, and we’ve been kept very busy since the start of the pandemic. We’re growing, and there is plenty of work out there for businesses - we’ve had over £62m ($77m) of projects on our platform in the last three weeks alone.”

The decision to release this eBook was made because of the difficulties faced by many businesses in the current climate. The comprehensive guide was put together using years of experience in the fields of data collection and analysis, so any business can increase sales by using engaging, persuasive facts and figures that speak to the target audience.

Ben continued: “We’ve all been in a position where sales figures just aren’t where they need to be, and this will be even more relevant given the times that we find ourselves in at the moment.

“It’s fine margins that dictate whether you’re coming away with the deal or leaving empty-handed. So having that bit of extra data or a new angle available during a sales pitch really can make all the difference. That’s why we thought that writing this eBook would be a fantastic idea since it could really help people and their businesses at the moment.”

Meet Hugo is a local business gone global, committed to improving others' businesses and helping them increase their sales. The eBook is available to download here: