Seven things shoppers want right now – and where to get them in Peterborough


Queensgate has closed all retail stores excluding Boots and M&S (photo: John Baker)

The lockdown period is strange for everyone, but particularly for those who usually love to spend their time browsing around different stores. 

If you're the type of person who wants – or needs – to shop, we have put together a list of seven things shoppers want right now – and how to get them in Peterborough. 

1) Gym wear

This is something that is particularly in demand at the moment as exercise is one of the few reasons you have for leaving the house. It can be hard to find items but have a search online and check out the active wear section on your usual fashion retailer sites, or try some of the sites dedicated purely to work out clothing.

2) Beauty treatments

With beauty salons all over the city closing, locals who would usually keep on top of their beauty regime have been unable to. However, many salons are starting to implement different ways to keep up to date. Eyelash technician, @charlottecosmetics_ has started making strip lashes for her clients, while some nail salons including onestopnails and RDNails have delivered bespoke stick-on designs for their clients instead of their normal gel extensions. 

3) Clothing

Almost all clothing stores are now closed - and are likely to remain so for a several more weeks. However, many supermarkets have a vast range in their clothing section and as long as you're browsing the department on your weekly essential food shop, you can get yourself an item or two. 

4) Goodies! 

People can still keep on top of their beauty treatments (photo: @charlottecosmetics_

5) Renovation

It seems that lockdown and renovation go hand-in-hand, but be careful! Although B&Q and other DIY stores have opened, you still need to observe social distancing. It is also still important to try and minimise your trips. Again, have a look online. Most companies are still delivering, and those who stopped delivering large items have been working on a way to restore that and have managed to open up delivery slots again. Buy as much online as you can, only go into store as a last resort. 

6) Home decor

Perhaps instead of renovating your home entirely – given that the waste centre is closed and it's hard to dispose of your items – you can get some smaller bits and pieces that will spruce up your home. Again, you can either order these items online or you can turn to your weekly food shop. Most of the large supermarkets will have bits and pieces to make your home look brand new.

7) Restaurant and takeaway food

We all know that restaurants and takeaway services have dropped, but don't worry – some are still available. As places are slowly starting to understand how they can work safely, we're seeing more people implement the correct measures and reopen. If you do want to treat yourself, here are some of the takeaways and restaurants still open (for deliveries only).