Peterborough ranks as 6th best UK city to start a remote business


Six factors were taken into account by Dojo to determine which cities see the most success for remote business start-ups (Photo: John Baker)

A new study from Dojo, a payments provider that specialises in helping independent businesses, has taken into account six factors that lead to increased success for remote businesses. These factors include unemployment rate, broadband speed, number of post offices and weekly average pay for full-time work.

After crunching the numbers, Peterborough just missed out on a top five finish, sitting joint with Portsmouth in sixth. Gloucester was deemed the best, with Norwich second and Southampton third.

The study showed that the five-year start-up survival rate in Peterborough is 40.9% - meaning two in every five small business start-ups make it to the five years of operation milestone.

The number of post offices was counted regionally, with 1,134 recorded in the East of England.

Weekly average pay for full-time work in the city is £605, with average monthly rent for a one-bedroom flat sitting around £656.

Data collected by Dojo found that Peterborough has broadband speeds of 39MB, with plans to rollout super fast full-fibre broadband across the whole city by the end of the year. Standard broadband speeds are around 11MB per second.

Four of the cities in the top 10 were in the East of England.