Potato farmer in high demand as people queue up for organic spuds


People waiting for Roy and team on Oundle Road (Picture courtesy- John Plummer)

Roy’s home-grown quality potatoes are very popular with residents living in and around Peterborough. He has been selling his produce at the Notcutts lay-by on Oundle Road for the last ten years. However, he says ‘things have gone crazy over the last couple of weeks'.

People have been queuing up from as early as 8am to get their hands on the organic spuds. Some days, Roy had to make multiple trips to bring more stock from the farm, due to high demand. 

In-fact, on Saturday, the team had to start rationing the sale of potatoes to four bags per person. 

John Plummer is Roy's son. Speaking to Peterborough Matters he said: “My dad is 75 and until now this has been a bit of a hobby for him. He enjoys chatting to regular customers but lately he has been struggling to keep up with demand so my brother David, and I, have been helping him. 

“One of the posts on dad's Facebook page (Roy Plummer Potatoes) was shared more than 130 times. Other local media have been in touch. People have been leaving him gifts as they are so grateful to still be able to receive fresh produce at such a time and because dad has kept his prices at his usual rates as well, rather than profiteering.  

“He is usually at the Notcutts lay-by from 9.30am to about 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays.” 

The potatoes are sold on a first come, first serve basis and 10kg bags are £4 each. 

Happy customers commented on Roy’s Facebook page to thank him for his efforts and to tell him how lovely the potatoes are. 

Not just Roy, but some green grocers in the city centre and at the Peterborough Market we spoke to, have got a good stock of fresh fruit and vegetables. Some say their sales have gone up in the last few days. This they said, is because supermarkets are empty due to panic buying or have massive queues and people are looking for alternative places to shop. 

King Brothers Food Service are a local wholesaler who normally provide for pubs, restaurants and schools - but they have plenty of catering products for home use as well. 

These include pasta, flour, milk, toilet roll, tea and more, and there are also vegetarian, vegan, frozen products, and gluten-free choices.

The minimum order for deliveries is £60 and you must be within 20 miles (pre-pay by credit card), with products being dropped off per Government guidelines - call 01733 239445 for more information.

Alternatively visit the warehouse at Denis Drive, Orton Waterville, PE2 5JG.

Another option is Pilgrim Food Service has a van outside the Peterborough United Ground from around 10am each day (weekdays), and trade has been very busy. 

Photo: John Baker


The stock includes meat boxes, potatoes, and fruit, vegetable and salad boxes - for more information go to the company's website or call 01205 312700