Recruitment open day for Baker Perkins


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Having carved out a global reputation as experts in their field, the company is responsible for many of the everyday branded items in our homes - from Warburton's bread to Jakeman's throat lozenges, cereals to biscuits - that are made using food processing equipment supplied by Baker Perkins from their UK headquarters.

Now, as they forge ahead with plans to expand further following investment in new machinery and the latest technology, they are recruiting for permanent positions. 

These roles vary from shop floor (such as machining, assembly, design and commissioning roles for mechanical, electrical or software engineers) to the office side (including in sales and HR). 

On the open day, which runs from 1-4pm at the company's HQ in Manor Drive, Peterborough, attendees will tour the factory, Innovation Centre and speak with department managers. 

They will also get to learn about the company - which also takes on apprentices and graduates, and didn't need to furlough anyone during the Covid-19 pandemic - as well as its plans and the different roles within it. 

"People will be able to come in, have a brief discussion with us and then we will try to match them up with the managers that look after their specific area of interest," says HR Director Suzanne Dellar.

This open day follows another that was held in late 2021 and primarily focused on shop floor vacancies. 

"I don't think people understood the range of our business and the diversity of equipment before then," she says, adding that the company's USP is that "everything is done under one roof". 

She also says that the company gives its employees a lot of on-the-job training and development, so there's "lots of room to move up the ladder".

In fact, one of its directors, Kevin Wright, started out as an apprentice machinist and is now Aftermarket Director. 

He says it would not have happened without managers and colleagues who were willing to train and support him at every stage.

"The culture here is to believe in people and enable them to find a job that suits their interests and maximises their abilities."

Another employee who also started as an apprentice, Damian Hunter, has worked his way up to Capital Projects Manager.

"The encouragement I received to broaden my experience and build my career was vital in helping me get my ideal job," he says.

"I have found that there are no barriers to moving between departments at Baker Perkins and plenty of opportunities to do so."

And, although the company has 310 employees, Suzanne says it still has a "family feel" to it, adding that anyone is welcome to come along on May 21.

"Male or female, any age range... even if there's not a vacancy that interests them now, there might be something in the future.

"We don't want anyone to think it's not relevant because who knows what might come up. 

"If people want to bring CVs on the day, we're more than happy for them to do that, too." 

Working hours for shop floor roles are four-and-a-half-days; 7.30am to 4pm Monday to Thursday and 7.30am to 12.30pm on Fridays. 

Basic holiday is 24 days per year plus bank holidays and three additional days over the Christmas period. 

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Company history

Baker Perkins was formed in 1920 by the merger of two well-established companies that could trace their origins back to the early 19th century.

Joseph Baker from Canada and Jacob Perkins from the USA founded engineering businesses in England supplying equipment to the fast-developing food industry.

They competed against each other for many years but, once merged, grew rapidly both at home and overseas.

From their headquarters in Peterborough, they have supplied equipment to over 130 countries and are responsible for technology that some of the world’s best known food brands rely on.

During its long history the ownership of Baker Perkins has changed hands several times and it was most recently acquired by Schenck Process Group in 2020, who supply material handling equipment that is complementary to the Baker Perkins range.

As a supplier of integrated systems the company is now preparing for a period of strong growth and an expansion of its manufacturing facilities in Peterborough.