Peterborough job market "looking quite positive"


The Peterborough area manager of Reed recruitment says that there are signs of recovery in the job market (Photo: Adobe Stock)

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in December 817,000 jobs were available across the UK.

However by April 2020 this had fallen by 180,000 to 637,000.

But recruiters in Peterborough have said they have begun to see the "green shoots" of recovery in the job market.

Sandy Harris, area manager for Reed recruitment agency, said: "It's actually looking quite positive out there - there are plenty of green shoots in the job market, and companies are making plans to start recruiting again.

"As a whole, Peterborough businesses have done remarkably well with what they've done and how they've coped. They got people set up working from home quickly, which is no mean feat, and the same businesses that reacted quickly are putting plans in place for how they're going to move forwards.

"It's been heartwarming to talk to some local businesses and see how conscientious they're being, how much they're looking after their employees and the city they operate in."

She also said that sectors that have continued to consistently recruit throughout the lockdown include the care sector, due to the nature of the national crisis, but also the hobbies sector.

"As people face being indoors for longer periods of time - as the whole world plans to spend their days in the garden! - retailers that sell gardening products or craft products online have found themselves very busy."