Peterborough awards teams putting on ball for NHS workers


Women In Peterborough awards are teaming up to host an NHS ball (photo: Women In Peterborough Awards)

Women In Peterborough Awards are teaming up with the Peterborough Small Business Awards to host a ball for NHS workers, in conjunction with the Peterborough Small Business Awards Final. 

Although some of the costs to host will be covered from the awards budget, they have plans to fundraise to make the event even more enjoyable. 

They said: "Although we will be personally covering some costs from the awards budget, we need to fundraise to cover costs for this event including food, entertainment and goodies for out guests.

"Anything you can donate will be hugely appreciated, if you have a service you would like to put forward for the event please do let us know via email.

"Let's pull together and put on a great event for those working on the frontline of this deadly virus!"

To find out more information on how you can get involved, email