Supporting Independents: Helping your home to be more stylish and joyful


Concetta can help you reorganise your home. Photo: Supplied

Conchi is a professional declutterer and interior designer who can assist you with any job that requires decluttering, organising and styling your living and working spaces, both on-site and online.


Conchi, who is a qualified interior designer and member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers, aims to make you fall in love with your home, to make it a happy place where you can have clarity of mind, be in control and feel blissful.


Her services include:

  • Decluttering and organizing

  • Revamp your living space

  • House staging

  • Downsizing and moving

Conchi said: "I had a couple of customers during lockdown who used my services online, but now we have the choice of going back into homes.


"Everything is carried out with social distancing measures in mind. We go into houses with mask visors, make sure we are not in the same room as the customer when work is being carried out."Equally, the online service is effective and preferred by some customers who are shielding or just need verbal guidance.


Concetta made the decision to swap careers 3 and a half years ago, in part thanks to a life change that was out of her control, and in part because she wanted to pursue one of her passions.


She said: "I was head of Italian at a school and then was made redundant, and I had to ask myself the question - did I want to stay in teaching, and the answer was no! I had always been interested in interior design, and decided to take it further.


"Being a declutterer is about working with the customer. I'm not a life coach, or a cleaner, my job is more about getting them to understand that the main impediments are their own habits and to implement order and facilitate positive behaviour.


"Some of them are shopaholics who need to buy, and they buy lots and then "hoard". I always advise people to buy one of the best products, rather than ten poor ones that cost the same."


"I always have the environment issue in mind so try to repurpose objects or furniture. Decluttering is not about buying more storage, but freeing what you have."


If you're interested in learning more Conchi also delivers talks and writes blogs on the subject.


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