Tesco introduces permanent quiet hours across three city stores


A decision was made in order to improve accessibility for some of its customers. 

Every Wednesday and Saturday between the hours of 9am and 10am Tesco will be dimming its lights and lowering checkouts noise. 

A member of Tesco's general inquiries team confirmed that these changes will occur across three stores in the Peterborough area.  

These stores include Tesco Extra located within Serpentine Green, Tesco superstore in Werrington and the Market Deeping superstore. 

In a statement the supermarket said: "Tesco is a place where everyone’s welcome, but we understand that our stores – with the loud noises, bright lights or strong smells, and volume of people – can be stressful for some of our customers. 

"People can feel, see and experience the world differently, and for our customers with Autism, the shopping experience may sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. 

"A calmer environment can also be better for our elderly customers, one's shopping with young children, or our customers who may be struggling with mental health." 

In the future Tesco will also look to reduce the noise of self-service tills and Scan as You Shop devices.