TinyTalk classes for tots teaches sign language before they can speak


Kursty works with TinyTalk in Peterborough (photo: Kursty Morrison)

The programme encourages babies and toddlers to use sign language before they can talk so they can express themselves freely. 

Kursty has only worked at TinyTalk a matter of months, but it's already landed a special place in her heart. 

She said: "I want to support the future special needs and hearing impaired children. I found it very difficult growing up and I don't want other children to feel how I felt. 

"I am the only hearing impaired teacher TinyTalk have, my classes are run by lip-reading and vibration. I am a part of the deaf community and it is my first language. I want to encourage as many children to start school having some signing ability or experience."

When babies start waving, clapping and pointing at objects from six months, then putting words together around 12 months, the business focuses on each stage to enhance them. 

They work with both parents and tots to build on the skills and classes mostly consist of nursery rhymes with actions alongside it. 

Kursty said: "Throughout the class, I make references on how we can support language, physical, emotional, social development and link the EYFS (Early Years Curriculum) to our learning. 

"This gives them a beautiful start in not only education, but to the world around us."

She added: "The benefits of signing is truly magical. Giving them the ability to be heard, to be understood before they can speak is special – I'm proud to promote this. It's limitless."

Fore more information, fill out their online form at https://www.tinytalk.co.uk/kurstym/contact.php.